Friday, October 14, 2011

The Easiest Classroom Snacks Ever

When I signed up to bring in treats for my daughters' preschool class for their Pumpkin Patch Day, I was determined to NOT bring in something full of sugar.  Then, I started actually thinking about what to bring and I was stumped.  Cupcakes and cookies were everywhere and seemed to be the logical choice.  I also wanted to stick with the pumpkin theme of the day and several kids have food allergies, which made things a bit more challenging.

When I saw the giant boxes of fruit cups at Sam's Club, I knew they would work for my pumpkin theme.  Cups of mandarin oranges plus a black permanent marker made for an easy pumpkin treat that was a lot healthier than a sugar filled dessert snack.  I just freehanded a cute little smiley pumpkin face on the side.  I suppose you could also cut out some vinyl with your Silhouette and stick on the side of the cup.  Peaches would also work for an orangey pumpkin.

I added a green spoon and a pumpkin napkin and the kids seemed happy with their snack.  They didn't seem to miss the sugar and the other moms were appreciative.