Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scrap Wood Photo Display

I'm a little behind on posting my tutorials from the So You Think You're Crafty competition.  I'm going to try to get caught up, so you'll be seeing more tutorials than usual.  The theme for Week 1 was Stash Busting.  I decided to use up some of my stash of scrap wood that was hanging out in our backyard.  My husband kept trying to move some of it to the burn pile and I kept rescuing it because I knew I would need it eventually.

I chose a few pieces and trimmed some up so they would be close to the same length.  I didn't want everything exact, because I was going to distress everything to make it look old.  I laid out my pieces how I thought I wanted them (although this would change later).

 I enlisted my trusty helper to assist me with the distressing process.  We banged on the boards with all kinds of different tools.  I also added some nail holes and cut into some of the ends with a hand saw.

 I had seen lots of people rave about using steel wool soaked in vinegar to age wood, so I decided to give it a try.  On this piece of scrap, I was testing out white vinegar on the left, apple cider vinegar in the middle, and balsamic vinegar on the right.  I wanted my boards to look different, so I decided to just use all three on the different boards.

After everything dried, I laid my pieces back out and decided to remove one of the boards to make the sign a little smaller.

 I added two pieces of wood to the back to hold everything together.

I printed out my text to the size I wanted and taped everything together.

I used my favorite transfer method of scribbling with pencil on the back and then tracing the letters on the front to make a guide.

After I went over all of my letters, I think I could have skipped the scribbling step.  My pencil made a tiny indentation in the wood where I traced and it was more visible than the graphite transfer.

I set up my card table in front of the TV one evening after the kids were in bed and used my wood burning tool to go over all of my letters.  I love that thing.  It gives you a unique look that I can't achieve with any other product or tool and I think it's much easier than trying to hand paint the letters.

I picked up these railroad nails a while back without really knowing what I was going to do with them.  I just thought they looked intriguing with their embossed numbers showing the year they were used.  They turned out to be the perfect thing for this project.  I hammered two of them into my photo display to hold the jute twine for the photos.


Mini clothespins make it easy to switch out the photos seasonally or whenever we want to add something new.  I'm addicted to printing my Instagram photos from my Postal Pix app on my phone.  If you haven't tried it, you really should.  It's so easy and fun.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Door Headboard

I'd like to share my audition project for So You Think You're Crafty with you.  That's right, I'm competing in Season 13 of the weekly crafting competition.  The actual competition starts on September 10, so be sure to check in each week and vote for your favorite project.

I decided that it was time to whip our guest bedroom into shape.  We hadn't really done anything in there since we moved in.  It was acting as a holding ground for some furniture and other junk that didn't have a permanent home yet.  We had a queen mattress, box springs, and basic bed frame, so I decided to start with that.  We needed a fun headboard to set the tone for the room.

About two years ago, I ran across a Craigslist ad for a bunch of old doors.  The seller was asking $100, but there were about 40 doors.  Somehow, I convinced my husband that this was a good idea and he and my father in law drove a truck and trailer a hour away to pick up my treasures.  My LARGE stash of doors has been sitting in my parents' barn ever since.  I've used a couple of the doors here and there, but there are many projects still waiting to happen.  That winter (see the snow?), it was starting to warm up and I was getting the itch to get outside and work on  a project, so I started scraping the white paint off of this door.  I stuck it back in the barn and let it sit until now.

 Then a couple of months ago, my father in law tore out this old fence row.  When I started thinking about some kind of posts for my headboard, he scavenged a couple of the posts out of his trash pile for me.
 I cleaned up my door and removed any loose paint that was peeling off.  I gave it all a rough sanding, just to get any grimy parts off.  I removed the hardware to clean it and sealed the whole door with clear acrylic spray, to keep everything in place.  Then, I started laying out the posts to see where I wanted everything.

 After I got all my measurements down, I cut the posts to length and added a plastic nail-on furniture foot, just to keep it up off the carpet a little.

 I flipped the door over and used some metal brackets to screw the door headboard into the posts.

I set up my bed frame and got it ready for the headboard.

 Then, I found my cute helper who loves to use power tools.  :)

 With her help, I attached a scrap board towards the bottom of the posts.  My headboard was going to be wider than my bed frame, so I needed a place to attach the frame.

 I cut some blocks of wood to act as spacers and then screwed the frame into the board.  I added those blocks because I didn't want the frame and mattress to be too far under the door.  I was worried about my guests banging their heads on the headboard.

 Here she is, all ready to have the box springs and mattress put into place.

 Once it was all put together and the bed was made, I loved the bright pop of green even more.  The character of the door definitely shines through and I love that the fence posts found a new life instead of just going in the trash.

It's time to invite some out-of-town friends over!  This bed needs some weekend visitors!

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