Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

Our twins just turned 5 (eek!) and they requested a rainbow birthday party. I jokingly called it a Pinterest party because I felt like it was a breeze to plan with all of the fab rainbow party ideas people have pinned.  I'll share some details on a few of the ideas that were a bit more original.

 We set up a super easy photo booth backdrop with rainbow colored streamers.  I'll post more details on that later in the week. 
 I'll show you some before and after pictures of my rainbow cake stand.  Thrift store plates have never looked better with a little spray paint!

One of my favorite things about this party was my girls' involvement.  All three of them were really able to help make a lot of the decorations.  They really enjoyed being included and took a lot of pride in showing their guests their creations.

We typically just invite family to birthday parties, so my kids are usually the only kids present.  This time, they asked why we never get to play games at their parties.  So, I made up a quick game.  I covered a scrap piece of plywood in a plastic tablecloth and hot glued balloons on it.  Before I inflated the balloons, I added small prizes like candy, plastic jewelry, bouncy balls, coins, and a few scratch off lottery tickets.  I used Sharpies to color each side of a dice (die?) a different color.  When it was your turn, you rolled the dice and then got to choose a balloon of that color to pop and get the prize.  The girls insisted that the adults play as well and they were thrilled with their simple game.

In case you're interested, the girls' super cute tie dyed dresses are from the Etsy shop inspiring color.  They are great!  I highly recommend her items! They washed wonderfully and the colors are so vibrant.

I'll be back later in the week to share a few more details!

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