Monday, December 30, 2013

Workout Priorities

For the last few months, Ryan and I have been focusing on weightlifting and building strength. Basically, the only cardio that I've done is our warmup on the treadmill, which is only about a mile.

I've decided that I need to re-evaluate my priorities to meet my goals for this year.  My cardio base needs a lot of work, so I'm mainly going to work on building my cardio endurance while trying to maintain most of my muscle mass.

I've always had the goal of wanting to run in the Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon. But, it's always seemed like such a BIG goal that its out of reach.  Before I realized that I was pregnant with our youngest daughter in 2008, I actually signed up for the Mini. I let it go to waste though, as she was born at the end of March and the Mini is the first weekend in May.  Well, this is my year, so my first big goal for the year will be to complete the Mini Marathon.

So, as much as I hate it, you'll find me running from now until then.  For now, I'm focused on using my heart rate rate monitor to make sure I'm staying in my aerobic zone in order to build my aerobic base.

Ryan got me this one for Christmas.

I've also joined in with some of my Corn Fed Spartans peeps to participate in the 1000 Mile Challenge.

I'm hoping this gets easier! I'm sure many of you can relate, but I really do hate this running stuff.

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