Friday, July 29, 2011

Grandpa's Little Helpers

Have you ever tried to find a "girly" bulldozer shirt? They don't exist! Imagine that! My father in law and husband are in the construction business, so my girls are rather obsessed with bulldozers, dump trucks, and the like. They climb up on a machine every chance they get.

I decided to use my Silhouette and the tried and true freezer paper method to make them some bulldozer themed shirts that were a little more girly than the options at the store. I'm sure you're familiar with this method. If not, google "freezer paper stencil" and you'll find a bazillion tutorials.

I love Tulip Soft fabric paint in matte finish. It always turns out good! My local Jo-Ann is upgrading to a larger location, so I recently scored a bunch of new colors of paint at 75% off. Score!

My Silhouette made cutting out the intricate design easy. I used the font Cheri Liney for the text. I will admit, getting all of those tiny pieces was pretty tedious. I ended up using tweezers, although I'm pretty sure you can get a special tool from Silhouette for that job.

I ironed the stencil on and started dabbing away with my paint.

I ended up using about three coats, since I was using lighter paint on a darker color shirt.

Ta-da! I got these particular shirts at Walmart. I think they were $3.50 each and they had coordinating skirts. Can't beat that! Plus, I love the fact that they're wearing a ruffly, flowery skirt with a pink bulldozer shirt. :) And most importantly, the girls love them! They couldn't wait to show Grandpa.


  1. Your shirts are so cute. Great job making such special T's!

  2. Could these girls be any cuter!! LOVE freezer paper stencils!!

  3. These are adorable!!! and I love freezer paper stenciling, it's just so much fun!