Monday, January 9, 2012

And... we're back!


I feel a little bit like Jimmy Fallon's radio DJ character on SNL when I say "And... we're back!!!"  But seriously, I am back.  After not posting for a long time, I'm ready to get back in the groove and get this blog going.

I had every intention of blogging along the way as we built our house, sharing every gory detail with you.  The reality is that life got in the way.  There simply wasn't enough time to get in all of our regular life "stuff" with the addition of the stress of building your own house and writing about it at the same time.  So, I took lots of photos and notes and I'm planning on catching you up in the next month or so.  

It was a really fun, but really busy and stressful journey.  I'm happy to say that we are officially moved in.  There are still lots of little things to finish up and lots of not-so-little boxes to unpack, but we're here and we're really happy about it.  So, stay tuned for all the details that will be coming soon!

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