Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beginnings of a House

I mentioned before that I was going to attempt to catch you up on our house building.  Since I wasn't able to keep up with blogging during the process, I'll give you the speed version so we can get to the good stuff quicker.  Because, in my opinion, the good stuff comes with all of the pretty details that finish it off.

 In June, we started off with digging the basement.

I think this was my girls' favorite part of the whole process.  They still like to remind me "Remember when the house was just a big hole?"

June and July were filled with framing and more framing.

The kitchen and living room.

Concrete floors were poured in the garage.

The view from the driveway.

The second story all framed.

Things really started feeling more house-like in August once windows started going in.  You could start to see the kitchen taking shape.  The sink will go underneath those three windows.

We got it under roof and it was time to start on the exterior.

Cement board went up on the sections that would be getting a board and batten treatment.

Trim pieces were cut down to make the strips for the board and batten.

A view of the front porch.

We actually chose three different exterior coverings for our house.  I'll share more of the other two in the next post!

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