Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow White Party Invitation

If you missed my overview of my youngest daughter's Snow White themed birthday party, check it out here.  I wanted to revisit some of the details that made the party such a success.

For her party invitation, I decided to try my hand at some fancy schmancy chalkboard lettering.  I borrowed my mom's framed chalkboard that hangs in her hallway for the job.  I knew it would be big enough that Lily could sit in front of it and I could get her and all of the text in the photo without getting the wood frame.

I played around in Microsoft Word and printed off my text in the size I wanted.  I laid it out on the chalkboard to get a rough idea of placement.  Then, I took a piece of chalk and rubbed all over the back of the paper.  I carefully laid the paper back on the chalkboard and went over the letters with a pencil.  This gave me a VERY light outline of chalk left on the chalkboard.  I then went over my guidelines with a chalk marker to get a more definite line.

When I was done, I cleaned up a few smudges with a damp paper towel.  Then, I propped the chalkboard up next to a window and sat Little Miss Princess in front of the negative space next to the letters.  I made sure to place a piece of white posterboard next to her, opposite the window, to act as a reflector.

I gave her an apple and let her big sisters stand behind me and make her giggle.  I did some basic cropping and added a simple frame and it was done!  I printed them out as 5x7 photos and stuck them in a red envelope.  Done!

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