Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snow White Party -- The Queen's Table

 When we first started planning Lily's Snow White birthday party, I knew we had to do something with the iconic mirror and that scary queen turned witch.
 On one of my trips to Goodwill, I spied this gold framed mirror whose curves spoke to me.  It seemed perfect for that evil queen's mirror.  While I was trying to dig it out from a pile of junk, an older lady came up and started asking me if I could get that mirror out for her!  I quickly explained that was what I was going for.  I uncovered my mirror quickly and got out of there.  The ugly plastic candle sconces were also a Goodwill find and I secured them up on the wall with some Command strips.

Once I made it home with my prized mirror, I cleaned it up and cut my words out of frosted glass vinyl on my Silhouette.  It was my first time working with vinyl in the Silhouette and it was harder than I expected!  My words could definitely have been applied straighter and the spacing could have been better, but Lily didn't seem to notice!

 I scooted a sofa table over underneath the mirror and candleholders and set it up like the queen's magic workshop.  We used a black plastic cauldron (from my mom's Halloween stash), a spell book on a really neat Goodwill easel or book holder, a wooden scoop full of apples, an owl figurine swiped from my grandma's house, a goblet from Goodwill that I spray painted, and a Goodwill cheese board and dome glued to a wooden candlestick to make a pedestal for that poison apple.  I'm telling you, this really could be called a Goodwill party.

Down below, I added a basket of apples, some glass jars filled with colored water to look like evil potions, a bird's nest, and empty jars.

 For the queen's spell book, I completely ripped off one I found through Pinterest at Polish the Stars, except hers is much better.  Seriously, go check it out.  Mine is the extremely quick version.  I typed up some text to look like a magic recipe or spell, printed it out, stuck it in the oven for a few minutes, and then used double sided tape to stick it inside an old book that was missing some pages.

Once the party got started, we added dry ice to the cauldron for a spooky effect.  We added hot water to the dry ice and the fog started flowing.  Unfortunately, so did the water.  The black plastic cauldron turned out to have a leak.  After it was cleaned up, we switched to a black stockpot and we were good to go.  :)

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