Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tag, I'm it!

I'm sure you've seen the blogger tagging games around the blogosphere, so when Marilyn of 4 You With Love tagged me, I thought I'd play along.  Marilyn is a fellow Midwestern gal and you just have to check out her paper bag floors when you get a chance.  Fabulous!

I'd like to start off by sending the game along to 11 other fun bloggers who have left me some kind comments.  I still feel kind of new to this whole blogging thing, so their positive comments have been a great encouragement to me.  Be sure to check out their blogs!

1. Sara from Sweet Little Gals
2. Claire from Bless My Nest
3. Deanne from Crafter Meets Craftsman
4. Kerri from A Pop of Pretty
5. Stacey from Embracing Change
6. Amy from A Snip of Goodness
7. Amanda from Serenity Now
8. Elisa from Home Sweet Nest
9. Gabby from The ...Late, Young Family
10. Lauren from Our Hiding Place
11. Jen from Fishsticks and Tiddlywinks

Ok, ladies, here are your 11 questions!

1. What is your all time favorite meal?
2. What is something embarrassing or funny that has happened to you lately?
3. Do you have kids or pets?
4. What do you think is the best thing about blogging?
5. What is your favorite vacation destination?
6. What is one thing you're looking forward to this summer?
7. Do you have a favorite quote or verse?
8. What was your first car?
9. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
10. What is your favorite thing to wear?
11. What is one thing we would always be able to find in your purse?

I can't wait to read their answers!

Here are my answers to Marilyn's questions:

1.  What was your favorite childhood toy?  I loved playing with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  It makes me feel old that they've brought them back and my daughters now play with them!
2.  How many children were in your family and what is your birth order?  There were three of us in our family growing up.  I am the oldest and I have two younger brothers.  We are each about four years apart.
3.  If you are married or seeing someone seriously, how did you meet them and what attracted you to them?  I think I've just known my husband forever.  Our families were connected when we were very young and we went to school together.  The thing that first attracted me to my husband was his maturity.  Long story short -- when we were about 14, some classmates were laughing and being silly about a guy and girl who "liked" each other.  When I witnessed his reaction of an eye roll and ignoring them, his intolerance for their immaturity really struck me.  I admired him from afar for the next couple of years until we started dating.
4.  What do you do when you are not blogging? I'm usually running after my three little girls! We just moved into a new house, so I'm still finishing up little projects here and there.  We're getting ready for a big garden this year and we're expecting some new chicks at the end of May.
5.  Do  you  do any volunteering and if so what/where?  I volunteer fairly often at my twins' school.
6.  What is your favorite activity that you blog about (cooking, sewing, knitting, painting, remodeling, etc)?  I love to blog about my crafting or building projects.  Anything that involves paint and maybe some power tools is right up my alley.  I love to make something with the hope that it will inspire someone else to make something, too.
7.  What is your favorite childhood memory? Gosh, I have a lot.  I used to spend the summers with my family traveling around to horse shows.  We would spend long weekends in the motor home, surrounded by our friends and horses.
8.  Who is your (fantasy) dream guy?  I would have to go with Ryan Gosling, but only the fantasy "Hey Girl" version who frequents Pinterest.  Those crack me up every time!
9.  What is the "creating/crafting" skill your mom/grandmother taught you and you always think of them whenever you make something with this medium?  Anytime I embroider, I think of my grandma.  I don't remember how old I was, but I will always remember sitting on her couch in the basement with a piece of muslin stretched in a tiny embroidery hoop.  She had written my name with a pencil and after many mistakes, I finally got the thread to cover those letters.
10.  Where do you see your blog 12 months from today? Hmmm, I hope to continue to expand and reach a larger audience.  I also hope that I'm feeling even more comfortable with the technical side of things.  Right now, that's still intimidating to me.
11.  Who is your idol? My mom!  Whenever my girls are testing my patience, I try to remember the fun things she did with us.  I can't ever remember my mom telling me "No." (within reason, of course!)  Anytime I wanted to start a project, she would let me learn from my trials and errors.  She taught me to not be afraid of power tools and she's still the first person that I call when I have an idea for a project, but can't quite figure out my plan of attack.

Thanks for reading and playing along!


  1. Thanks for tagging me, I played along, and it was fun:)I LOVE all your snow white decor, just LOVELY!

  2. I got your email, Jamie, and I'm working on it this weekend! Thanks for including me!