Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Mantel

 Our mantel needed some lightening and brightening for Spring.  I ditched all of the previous decor and started fresh, just like Spring.

 From left to right we have:
- an old chicken feeder to remind us of our chicks that will be arriving in May
- my handpainted garden gate sign (tutorial to come tomorrow!)
- a sweet little bunny
- some paper pinwheels stuck in a rusty yellow sap bucket
- a pot of daffodils on top of an old wooden box

Combine a new mantelscape with this beautiful warm weather we're having in Indiana, and I'm ready to go outside and get my garden planted!

Be sure to go check out all of the beautiful Spring mantels at Layla's Spring Fling link party!

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Your mantel looks so pretty! I love the gate!
    Great minds must think alike....I almost added a gate to my mantel, but it was too tall & needed to be cut down, so I went in a different direction entirely.

  2. Very, Very, Very cute, did I say very??? Oh yes, so so very cute, LOVE it (said very sing songy), cuz I really do! Love your pin wheels, love your pot of flowers, super love your sign, so cute!!

  3. I really like the sign,the pinwheels in the rusty pot and the flowers on the little box. Great job it all blends together nicely.

    :) Michelle